• 05/10/2019

Comprehensive Leak Detection Services In Plano, TX

Kelly Plumbing Water Leak

From Plumbing Leaks To Slab Leaks – We Do It All

If you’ve noticed an increase in your water bill or hear water running when the taps are off – you may have a leak. Leaks that are left untreated can cause severe damage to your home, such as foundation damage and mildew growth. Luckily, the team at Kelly Plumping Company offers leak detection services, so you don’t have to live with any hidden leaks.

We Have The Expertise To Get The Job Done

Water can leak from pipes, plumbing fixtures and more. This can be a significant source of wasted water, which can raise your home’s water bill. Without early detection, your home is at risk for severe damage. At Kelly Plumbing Company, we have all the tools and techniques to locate the source of the water leak effectively. We have the necessary equipment that helps us perform an accurate, and timely, leak detection. Our team will carefully locate and diagnose where the source of the leak is coming from. Whether you have plumbing leaks or slab leaks- our team has you covered.

The Kelly Plumbing Company team is here to ensure that your property is protected against any leaks that have appeared. We understand the importance of locating and repairing a leak as soon as possible. If a leak has already caused some damage, we work quickly to determine the source of the leak and correct it, so your home stays protected from any further damage.

Never settle when it comes to your home, especially in the event of a leak. At Kelly Plumbing Company we provide quick and reliable detection services in Plano, TX. If you’ve noticed you have a leak or want to learn more about our leak detection services, give our team a call at (214) 229-8249 today before it’s too late.